Our vision is to be the biggest abrasive company in Indonesia


Our mission is to foster the culture of excellence in our management, innovation, brands and people


Since the company was founded, the founding family has passed on a legacy of strong personal values that govern the way we conduct our business. Those values now serve as the Company's code of conduct for all employees within the company.


We trust each and every individual in our family and organization. With trust, we demand that each and every one of our employees to live up to their responsibilities and respect their company, colleageus and mambers of his own company family.

We value openness and honesty. Honesty is the foundation of our success

We aspire to employ people who want to live their life to their full potential. We look for individuals who demonstrate a thirst for learning because we want our business to grow from good to great. We want to be great!


We strive to be the best thru excellent execution

We inspire our people to take on challenging goals. We are obsessive in pushing our people to lead and take on leadership role in their respective responsibilities

We strive to make a mark


We strive to stay innovative thru relentless focus, burning passion and continuous improvement in our people, process and product

We actively engage our people to be entrepreneurial in their decision making.


We consider each and every employee like our own family

We strive to promote an environment where our employees can prosper and grow with us. In return, we expect non-wavering loyalty from our employee, just like family where at the end of the day, there is only one home for everyone