Fortis abrasive product range for the metalworking industries include abrasive products with a wide array of applications from surface removal to precision polishing designed to provide cutting edge competitiveness by increasing productivity and output.

Fortis abrasive product for metalworking is suited for steel and non-ferrous metal


Fortis abrasive products have been helping the metalworking industries for almost a decade in the most demanding applications from surface grinding, cleaning of weld surface, finishing and polishing. These products are just among the few products that we see in our daily lives, protect our homes, cars and communities.


From drawing board to production, Fortis abrasive product provides innovative solution with practical approach that deliver superior results for our customers to become leaders in their industries.

Throughout the different stage of manufacturing processes from cutting, welding, stamping, shaping, bending and painting, we have worked with some of the world’s leading automotive companies to design and supply innovative abrasive products that can provide cutting edge competitiveness.


Our mission is to provide consistency in plating & polishing quality to reduce rework. Fortis abrasive product range for plating & polishing is designed to improve productivity and output by minimizing rework


From heavy-duty cutting, grinding and surface polishing to faucets and fixtures, Fortis abrasive product and finishing systems can help you meet the most demanding finish requirements.